Nowadays you can read almost every day about families that has got their house ransacked by burglars. And how small shops and restaurants have unvelcome guests during closing time. The problem is the same all over the world. The percentage of unsolved burglaries and robberies are very high, the police has limited resources to solve this kind of every day crimes, they concentrate on drugs, violence and murders. To get an alarm system and connect it to a private security company cost more than most average families and small companies can afford.


At the same time studies made say that surveillance cameras is the most effectiv deterrent for burglars from entering a property.

What Burglars Avoid


IP cameras is not very expensive today. There are hundres of brands and thousands of models. Most of them have built in motion detection and can send an email to the owner if a movement is detected. Some of them also offer a cloud service wher the alarm video can be stored for a short period of time.


But if you have two cameras? One in your family home and one in the summer house. And what happens if there is a fire? The cameraa motion etector will not detect the smoke and send an email.


So we decided to try and find a better solution. A solution where the cameras could be watched from the same account, not dependent on the number of cameras or if they are from different brands. A solution that transformed the camera to also detect smoke and sound. A solution that not only sent an email about the incident, but directly sent a textmessage to one or more mobile phones. Time is crucial in these cases and not everyone has a smartphone where you can read your email, but all mobile phones can receive text messages. AND very important, a solution that could be affordable for most people


For the small business market it is also important that the solution can be expanded with new features necessary for the different kind of properties it is supposed to safeguard.


It is also important that the customer don't have to be a technical genius to set it up, and if he still get stuck can get a quick and free support to get out of the trouble.


We found what we were looking for in the Xeoma Cloud platform, developed by the Russian company Felenasoft.


Xeoma has everything we are looking for. The client can be run on Windows, Linux, Mac, Android. It has apps for smartphone and the live cameras and archives can also be watched using a web browser. The platform is used by many companies and the developer maintain it with recurring updates and a professional support.


Our main servers are hosted in Germany, the nerv center of European Internet. This means that all customers will have very short access times, where ever they are in the world